Zero Start Ventures (ZSV) offer a breath of fresh air for the new internet & mobile application entrepreneur of today.  Our objective is to offer a tantalising way to help build cracking 'tech' start ups. The smart dudes behind ZSV are also entrepreneurs keen to help nurture, incubate, mentor, open doors and most of all offer their hands-on support for that special someone whether it be one man and his dog or a team who require their seed round of finance to get them kick started.  In terms of our investment strategy; our eyes and ears are open to anything and everything.  We raise initial seed investment all the way to a big juicy coconut.
Send us your business plan
We crave for new tech opportunities and most of all we want to know more about you.  We believe the entrepreneur behind a new idea is as important [if not more] than the idea itself.  We want to motivate & incentivise you accordingly. It's all about teamwork and making things happen. MORE
Market & revenue analysis
Any new tech idea must demonstrate how it plugs a gap in the market. The 'hockey stick' revenue boost will only occur if there is attraction for traction. Analysis of the market, competition, risks and why you believe your internet idea is unsurpassed are key drivers to 'our' success.MORE

From Pitch to Exit.  Let us grow your idea into something beautiful

Let us be the ones who fund the first round. 
We seek growth in operating income as the primary driver of value creation, therefore our strategy is to invest in companies which are poised to grow earnings strongly.
Our goal is to generate consistently superior investment returns while also preserving capital. Pitch your idea to us by getting in touch.  Our exit strategy is usually between 3 to 5 years.

Your say. We want to hear from you

ZSV are full time angel investors.  We setup our offices in Mayfair, London on the 1st March 2012.   Regardless of who you are, what position you are at or whether you casually came across our website and have an entrepreneurial touch, tell us more about yourself and your team.
We believe in networking with people.  Although we are 'tech' hungry, we are sector agnostic.  We are green-fingered open-minded investors. Drop us a note, we will listen.  We have a range of pots to help your seed idea blossom; regardless whether you require seed or coconut investment.  We are attracted to companies which offer the opportunity to be transformed through capital investment, operational improvements, geographic expansion or strategic repositioning. 
Always available. We are ready to roll up our sleeves.